Many international students have chosen to study in Canada!

It is not easy that Canada has become a place chosen by global international students as well as Vietnamese international students as a destination to study, work and settle permanently. Some prominent reasons can be mentioned as:

  • Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world, with a low population density.
  • The economy is booming, the demand for manpower is high.
  • The world’s top quality education system.
  • Degrees are recognized in most countries around the world.
  • Scholarship opportunities are plentiful and the cost of studying abroad is very affordable.
  • The employment and settlement policy is open to international students.

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Step 01: Determine the best scholarship program for you!

Figure out your major and the institutions that offered scholarship programs appropriate with your orientation, understand the requirements and well-prepare for scholarship application.

Step 02: Set goals to achieve minmum required GPA.

For applying for scholarship, the stable overall academic score from 8.0 out of 10 is one of the spotlights which effects positively with secondary level. Post-secondary students may require lower GPA, stably above 7.0.

Step 03: Improve your language skills

English is very important not only for study purpose and daily communication but also for supporting student visa application. Moreover, English proficiency helps student successfully highly achieving scholarship during admission application.

Step 04: Participate in extracurricular social activities.

Canadian institutes highly recommend students have experience participating in extracurricular activities which are credit advantages for their scholarship application. Hence do not hesitate to join in any extracurricular activities for strongly making up your profile, even it is on and off campus activites.

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